Six Best Web Apps To Get Things Done in 2021

Although we know that all of our readers are receptive and intelligent people, you still could need a handy web app to give you the start in getting things done in time. Fortunately, there are a lot of GTD (Get Things Done) apps out there, and we’ll be mentioning our recommendations here.

Let’s admit, we all live in a digital world where time is a luxury we can’t afford most of the time. Therefore, mistakes will happen, and we’ll sometimes forget things. Technology is once again there to lend us a hand. That’s when GTD apps come in handy, such as the following ones:


Todoist goes straight to the point, as you’ve already guessed. The user will see a friendly interface filled with options such as labels, filters, a project, tasks, and a weekly overview. If you need even more help with getting things done, you can choose the premium option of getting the app to remind you about them. Although you’ll have to pay for this latter version, the rest of what Todoist can do will be free of charge.


Lua is a totally free-of-charge web app that allows you to play with PDF files as you possibly want. Whether you want to merge, compress, convert them into JPG, PNG, Word, or convert Excel to PDF, you can perform all those tasks. The app also allows the user to convert other file types into PDF, such as PDF to PNG, Word, or PPT.


If you’re a fan of David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) method, this app is for you. FacileThings indeed makes things more facile by helping the user organize and manage his daily tasks. Allen’s GTD method helps people by reaching maximum productivity without facing anxiety and stress.


Wrike allows the user to personalize his to-do list by using attached files, labels, as well as schedules deadlines. But if you’re willing to get the best features of what Wrike has to offer, you’ll have to aim for the premium version of the web app, as it includes features like reports, time tracking, and workload assessments.

Music can help you in many ways, and the developers of know it very well. This app will play the right music to stimulate relaxation, focus, meditation, and even sleeping. There are plenty of scientific studies showing how certain types of music can help our brains in various ways.


Toggl features a very intuitive interface, and its time-tracking tools probably represent the most notable aspect of the app. Feel free to try out Toggl Track whether you’re a developer, an artist, or a simple person. Functionalities such as custom reports and billable hours can help improve businesses, and they’re included in Toggl. The web app is free of charge for up to 5 users. If you and your co-workers aim for a starter plan, it begins at $8 per user.

The software presented here will definitely help you out with your favorite tasks, and we would love to read about any experience you’ve had while using such apps.

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