Clash Royale 9th Season Celebrates Game’s Anniversary With Amazing Goodies.

Clash Royale is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a giant cake, a new card, and more items that will be added over time.

The latest season will celebrate the anniversary with matching cosmetics, but it’s also expected to see a new card, the Royal Delivery.

All birthdays must be celebrated with cake! Supercell took it to the next level by turning the current season’s arena into a giant birthday cake.

The Announcement

A comical note announced the big cake:

“The King has ordered himself a gigantic birthday cake. The cake is being delivered throughout the Kingdom. You’ll be able to play your battles atop a giant moving cake.”


The ninth season will also feature matching Birthday Cake Tower Skins.

Players who will buy the Pass Royale for $4.99 can access the Season 9 Tower Skin at level 10.

It looks like a massive slice of anniversary cake, including candles on top.

New birthday emotes now available, including one at level 20 of the Royale Pass.

The New Card

A brand new card will be introduced in Season 9: The Royal Delivery, a regular, three-elixir Common Spell. It has improved a lot since conception and became a peculiar defensive card.

The Royal Delivery needs three seconds to be deployed.

After it is selected, a box will come flying down and hit all flying troops in its way.

After it hits the ground, it also damages enemy ground troops.

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