GTA 6 Latest Rumors – Characters, Features and many more

For a while now, we all heard a lot of rumors about the Grand Theft Auto 6. We have written this article to tell you about a few of them that caught our attention. Keep reading if you’re interested in finding out more details about the new missions and features.

We know that the easter eggs were introduced before and they were well received. The fans are wondering how many easter eggs will be available on GTA 6. We can’t say for sure because we don’t have any official news to confirm it.

Now, here‘s some of the rumors about the characters, features and many more

The first one is the possible return of one of the most appreciated characters of all time, Clap Trap. You might know him from GTA’s story mode. We have a lot of reasons to believe that GTA 6 will want to honor Borderlands, so we might see Clap Trap on the new game after all.

Another exciting thing is the introduction of hidden UFOs. Pretty cool, don’t you think? We have seen them before in GTA 5, but we definitely want them back for the new GTA. We think that a new version of this easter egg needs to be part of the GTA 6.

The last one is also very cool. We heard some people saying that we’ll see Bigfoot on GTA 6 and that the game will include a special mission in which this character will play an important role. This easter egg was considered one of the best in GTA 5 so we hope to see it in GTA 6 as well.

These are all the updates and rumors that we have so far for you. We’ll keep you posted because we know that a lot of GTA fans are looking forward to the release of the game.

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