Google Play Store Update: Material Theme Redesign Is Rolling Out – How To Enable It

For a while now, Google has been refreshing its Android Google Play Store app with the Material Theme design philosophy.

The revamp is currently rolling out on Android

With the latest version of the Google Play, the revamp is now beginning to officially roll out on Android, according to the most recent reports coming from 9to5Google.

Similar to other revamps, the Google Play Store Material Theme redesign is dropping its primary accent colors of green which are used for apps & game, red for movies & tv and blue for audiobooks in the app bar.

The online magazine mentioned above notes that white, the search field replaces “Google Play” with “Search for..”

The Play Store’s Material Themes redesign also adopts a bottom bar. There seem to be two variations of the icon Apps but the others remain Games, Apps, Movies & TV, and Books

According to the same online publication, Music has been downgraded and this might reflect the eventual deprecation of Play Music for YouTube music. This is now located in the navigation drawer as “Browse Music” with shortcuts to the Play apps.

You can check out the complete changes yourself and by heading over to 9to5Google’s original article to see a few screenshots as well.

Get your Play Store’s Material Theme redesign

The version 15.1.24 is required to get its very own revamp, according to Redditors.

After you install it, you will have to visit the Play Store’s App info page in order to clear cache and then force stop to get the redesign. You can also close from Overview.

9to5Google reports that with the help of this process they were able to enable the Material Theme on a few of their devices, so you might as well give it a go yourself.

On Reddit, opinions vary. Someone commented: “Looks like a few dividers would help to distinguish different UI elements from each other. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have an animated search bar (The hamburger icon would turn into an arrow smoothly and the search bar expands filling the entire screen) like in Gmail, Contacts and Goggle Play Books.”

The same commenter continued and said, “The account switcher is still on the hamburger menu, it needs to be moved to the search bar to be consistent with other Google apps.”

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