Google Play Store 15.0.11 Update with Faster Performances is Now Rolling Out to All Android Smartphones

As all Android fans surely know by now, the Google Play Store is updated nearly every day with software tweaks and bug fixes. The reason behind this is quite simple, Google puts a high price on the user experience that its operating system offers and the Google Play Store plays an important role in that. Without the Google Play Store, Android fans would not be able to access millions of apps and mobile games and therefore, Google is making sure that the Google Play Store is always running at peak performance levels by constantly releasing new updates.

Google Play Store 15.0.11 Update

Even though most Google Play Store updates are maintenance releases that introduce minor software changes, this is not the case for the latest update which sports the 15.0.11 version number. This is a high priority update and all Android fans are advised to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and to download it as soon as it pops up in their notifications panel.

High Priority Update

The new update is being rolled out via official Android OTA (over the air) channels and it comes with a handful of important bug fixes. We know that bug fixes are not as exciting as new features, but we are still advising Android fans to make sure to download the new update. The bug fixes which are being introduced by the new 15.0.11 update take care of various issues that sometimes caused the app library to lag and therefore, the Google Play Store will run at much faster speeds after installing the new update.


Our conclusion for the Google Play Store’s latest 15.0.11 update is that this is a high priority release that brings lots of important bug fixes. We should also note that the Google Play Store’s overall performances are going to be enhanced after installing the new update.

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