How To Fix The Facebook App Crashing Bug on iOS

Many iOS users have been complaining about their Facebook app constantly crashing, no matter what they do. After extensive research, we discovered that the cause of this issue could be one of two reasons. The first cause is that your Facebook app has a bug, while the second cause could be that your iPhone has crashed. Crashing of your iPad or iPhone can lead to more severe issues, like overheating and quick battery loss.

Basically, your Facebook app is crashing because there must be an issue between your Facebook and your device’s system. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

How To Fix The Facebook App Crashing Bug

Update your Software

Maybe your Facebook app is causing you problems because you haven’t been keeping your device up to date. It is straightforward to update your software. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Updates. If you find any available update, install it.

Update your Facebook app

Smartphone apps get updates all the time. All you need to do is go to the Apple Store, go to the Facebook app, and just tap Update in the right bottom corner. If the Update button does not appear, your app must already be up-to-date.

Delete and re-install Facebook on your device

If you followed all of the previous steps, but your app keeps on crashing, here is what you need to do. Delete the Facebook app, then reinstall it from the Apple Store. Once you have done that, move on to the next step.

Reset All of Your iPhone or iPad Settings

To prevent the Facebook app from crashing again, you must follow this step. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset. Select the Reset All Things option. Enter your passcode to confirm.

If all else fails, try the last step.

Restore Your iOS Device

To reset your iOS, first, you need to back up to iCloud. Next, connect your iPhone to a computer and use the DFU to restore the device. Once it’s complete, go to your iCloud account to reset your personal info on your device.

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