Google Play Store: Huawei Already Has Its Very Own Alternative

We already reported that Huawei took a blow of huge proportions these days.

Google’s move to stop licensing its Android mobile OS to Huawei could affect negatively the Chinese tech giant’s plans to become number one in the smartphone global industry.

CNBC said that Google had suspended business activity with Huawei, and this means no more transferring of hardware, software, and tech services.

The reason for which Google made this move was to comply with Washington’s decision to put Huawei on the Entity List.

Huawei is not able to license Google’s proprietary Android OS and more services that it’s offering. They will be able to use a public version of the Google OS via the Android Open Source Project.

Huawei has an alternative to the Google Play Store

It seems that Huawei is not living such dramatic moments as everyone thought. They’ve reportedly been prepared for the worst and the developers of the company have been working on a viable alternative OS for a while.

Bloomberg has reported that the Chinese tech giant is already gearing up to launch its very own Google Play Store alternative and this would definitely be a huge move from their part.

This is great for Huawei because this means that they will not have to rely on the Google App Store to download apps and games anymore.

Bloomberg reported that Huawei has been talking with app developers and European wireless carriers since back in 2018 in order to get them on board.

Huawei hopes that European wireless carriers will start to spread the new Google Play Store alternative to everyone.

Closing words

It’s important to mention that all Huawei smartphones are safe because both tech giants guaranteed that they’ll receive regular updates including security patches that bring the newest software tweaks and the latest security updates.

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