Ubisoft to disable content of Rainbow Six Siege ​

You rarely get to hear about bugs in a video game generating so much chaos that the developers have to disable the content. Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is affected by a big deal of shield-related defects. In actuality, the situation has worsened in such manner that the developer had to disable the title’s mechanism in the attempt to reduce the harm.

As they work on a solving of the matter, Ubisoft has released a statement saying that the shield-carrying defender Clash will be disabled and ejected from the operator select display. Also, the deployable shield and claymore secondary gadgets will also be removed for all Rainbow Six Siege gamers.

The company stated that they have been working over the past days to solve the issues appearing from exploits around Clash, IQ, and Deployable Shields. They said that these problems together affect the central systems of the game, therefore will take a while longer to solve them, than they initially thought.

Even if for a few this might appear as a drastic countermeasure, it is not. Rainbow Six users who have played this week will be able to tell just how uncontrollable the bugs are. Possibly the most desolating one is when the Clash shield bug enables players to shoot with their weapon at the same time they hold the shield up.

Besides this, the ‘face-shield’ bug appeared again. Any protector having access to a deployable shield can take advance of this bug to become unaffected by the headshots. Also, another bug which permits IQ to become invisible has made an appearance.

Ubisoft will disable Clash, claymores, and deployable shields for a short period while addressing these bugs. These gadgets, particularly claymore, can conclude the result of a match.

Ubisoft announced that an update on the issue would be posted on May the 21st.

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