PUBG Mobile and PUBG Update #29 Is Already Available On The Test Server

The new PUBG Mobile update #29 is live on the PUBG PC test servers, bringing along not just big gameplay changes, but also some improvements on the quality of life, another Vikendi map revamp and more. The optimizations focus on the blue zone, item, and vehicle spawn rate, pillage inside the secret cave and much more.
Check the full patch notes below.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile #29 update?

Vikendi Gameplay tweaks:

  • The most important change is the Vikendi’s second revamp. The developers have brought the second round of improvements and rebalancing to enhance the gameplay experience on Vikendi’s landscape.

Blue zone changes:

  • To support a larger diversity of gameplay experiences in Vikendi, the original safe zone is now located in more varied places and the waiting time between particular blue zone phases has been reduced
  • Vehicle spawn rate has been adjusted to assist the new blue zone settings.

Item spawn rate changes:

  • Adjusted weapon spawn rates. Adjustments to accessible attachments have also been changed to give players more options.

Adjustments to item spawn on Vikendi:

  • AR spawns increased by 1.4x
  • DMR spawns increased by 2x
  • SR spawns increased by 7x
  • SMG, Shotgun, and Pistol spawns have been reduced a bit
  • Attachment spawns have been slightly increased
  • High powered scope spawns have been increased a little

Cave balance change:

  • Care Packages will not spawn in the cave anymore
  • High-quality non-crate loot will still spawn in the cave
  • Extended variety of items spawned in the cave

Item pool changes:

  • Extra MK47 Mutant, Half-grip, Thumbgrip, Laser Sight.
  • Win94 and R45 have been removed.

Moonlight weather status percentage was also increased.

General gameplay changes:

  • From now on, grenades cannot be thrown through wire mesh or wire fences.

Tactical Map Markers:

  • Extra Tactical Map Markers have been added, and it includes six different markers – Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, and Vehicle.
  • To use these markers, open the world map and right click to see the Tactical Map Marker wheel, go to the wanted icon and release.
  • Every player can place only one Tactical Map Marker or Standard Marker at once.
  • Tactical Map Markers will be visible on the world map, minimap, and on the compass just like the existing map markers.

Throwables Crosshair Enhancement:

  • A new crosshair has been added for when utilizing throwables to easily detect the use of overarm or underarm throwing position.

Minimap Changes:

  • Players in your team who are located outside your minimap region will be visible at the edge of the minimap.

Parachuting UI Improvements:

  • The parachute UI is more visible and split into two sides: for current speed and a detailed altitude gauge.
  • When your team members are free-falling from the plane, you’ll see a special icon.
  • Team members’ status icon while parachuting is now visible at the bottom left of the display too, near the other teammate UI.

Flare Gun UI Improvement:

  • The Flare Gun crosshair has been adjusted to appear as a circle when targeting at the correct spot to effectively call in a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ.

  • Also the status is changed after calling in one of the drops: the green light is removed immediately after the drop leaves the plane.

Custom Match in PUBG Mobile #29 Update

Spawn Kit selection option to War Mode, War Mode: Conquest, and Normal Mode. When utilizing the Platoon team mode, a setting has been added for every platoon to play utilizing a separate kit.

Spawn Kit Selection Option: War Mode, War Mode: Conquest

  1. Original Kits: AR, Shotguns, Western, SMG, Handguns, Overpower
  2. Utility Kits: War Mode Kits: four added kits that comprise every item based on their own concepts
  • Assault: M416, R1895, Lvl 1 Helmet and Vest, Ammo, Bandages
  • Medic: UMP, Sawed-off, Lvl 3 Helmet and Vest, Ammo, First Aid Kit, Medkit, Painkiller, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit
  • Support: S12K, Scorpion, Lvl 2 Helmet and Vest, Bandages, Ammo, Grenade, Mechanic’s Toolbox
  • Scout: Kar98K, P18C, Lvl 1 Helmet and Vest, Ghillie Suit, Bandages, Ammo

Battle Royale Kit Selection Option

1. Standard Kits:

  • Handguns, Shotguns

2. Utility Kits:

  • Battle Kit: Crossbow
  • Survival Kit: Pan, Adrenaline Syringe
  • Support Kit: Mechanic’s Toolbox, Critical Response Kit
  • Armour Kit: Lvl 1 Helmet and Vest

New Custom Match Spawn Kit Items

  • The Mechanic’s Toolbox and the Critical Response Kit can only be used from Spawn Kits in Custom Matches.
  • Additional Critical Response Kit and Mechanic’s Toolbox have been incorporated to the already new extra kits.
  • Critical Response Kit: Reviving team members with this kit will get them up much faster than the traditional reviving.
  • Mechanic’s Toolbox: it will repair part of your vehicle’s health.

Camp Jackal map to War Mode: Conquest

  • Players can now choose Camp Jackal in the Training Mode Map for War Mode: Conquest

Observer Feature Improvements

  • Player List UI Improvements: Icons have been added to the Kick and Report buttons (X icon is Kick, C icon is Report)
  • Damage UI Improvement: The font of damage indicators when observing has been enhanced.

UI/UX Changes in PUBG #29 Update

Store Item Preview UI Enhancement:

  • The preview is split into three different categories to have a better organization of the store: Character, Weapon, and Parachute.
  • Click on a particular item to preview a separate zoomed-in image.
  • The items can be equipped and also unequipped when previewing.

UI Improvement to Avoid Probable Unfair Advantage while Spectating:

  • Additional UI will cover the screen to avoid seeing players that normally won’t be seen if houses or other map objects are not entirely loaded.
  • After the loading is concluded, the extra UI will disappear.

Lobby UI Improvement:

  • Icons in 4K resolution are now improved, and the third-party account linking button in Lobby has been removed.


  • All the FACEIT Global Summit signs and banners from Vikendi and Sanhok were deleted.

Replay System:

  • The replay system version has been optimized, and the existing replays recorded before this update are not available anymore.

Bug Fixes in PUBG Mobile #29 Update

  • The problem where players could suffer extreme damage or die when arriving at different places has been solved
  • Grenades can’t be thrown through the wire mesh and wire fences anymore
  • The issue where the display would quiver when ADS and propping on a wall or the edge of objects has been fixed
  • Solved the issue where the game mode would change at times when creating a team

For more bug fixes, check out the rest of the official patch notes on the PUBG website.

PUBG Mobile is available on iOS and Android. The PUBG Mobile updates mentioned above will also roll out on the PC and consoles versions of PUBG.

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