Line 9.7.6 Update Brings New “Social-Media” Features to the Chatting App

One of the best things about using an Android-powered smartphone is being able to access and download millions of premium apps and games. There are many fun apps that users can download and install on their smartphones, but there are some apps which are considered as “must-haves” with Line being the perfect example of that. Line is a highly popular chatting app which offers a plethora of cool features. However, what makes Line stand out when compared to the likes of WhatsApp and Telegram is the fact Line combines chatting features with a social media aspect.

Line 9.7.6 Update

As previously noted, Line introduces social media features and this makes it quite useful. The developers of Line are aware that the social media features are the reason why millions of people from all over the world use their app and this is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the latest update for Line which sports the 9.7.6 build number introduces yet another social media-oriented feature.

Share Highlights of Your Day

The new feature that Line receives in the new update is called “Share highlights of your day with stories”. Just as the feature’s name implies, Line fans will be able to use it in order to take photos or record videos of something interesting that happens throughout their day and then post it for everyone to see. Even though this might not be some kind of groundbreaking feature, it will surely prove to be quite useful, especially when considering how successful similar features such as Instagram’s Stories are.

Faster Performances

The last thing that we want to note about Line’s latest update is that it also introduces a bunch of bug fixes. These bug fixes take care of serious issues and they help Line’s software run at faster speeds than it usually does.

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