What Should BioWare Improve in the Next Mass Effect 5?

Mass Effect is a science-fiction action-role-playing shooter video-game, at the third person. It was developed by BioWare and released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and the third game from the series has been released on the Wii U too. Mass Effect 4 has been published in 2017 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it is taking place in Andromeda Galaxy with new characters.

If we analyze the series, the first two titles were successful, and the third one has been received well for its storyline and characters. Unfortunately, Mass Effect: Andromeda was a failure. Andromeda has been presented to the fans with poor character design, bland missions, unconvincing animations, and a clunky user interface. Because of the many issues that Andromeda had, we have made a list of what improvements can BioWare add to the next Mass Effect 5.

  1. The Return of Milky Way Galaxy – unfortunately, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s storyline wasn’t so triumphant. Everything was forced, and the storyline from Mass Effect 3 should be continued in the next Mass Effect 5. We think that the players would be satisfied with the storyline from its first beginning.
  2. A New Convincing Villain – Andromeda has failed on this chapter too. The villain from Mass Effect 4 was weak. From the game, you can’t be sure what are the motives or reasons because the villain is doing something or not.
  3. Facial Animations – Mass Effect: Andromeda was criticized for its strange and lifeless facial animation. The lack of improvements regarding the facial animations was because EA had wanted the developers to work primarily on vehicle mechanics and gunplay. So we are hoping that in the next Mass Effect 5, the facial animations will be improved.
  4. A Fresh Storyline – BioWare’s plans regarding the storyline was that the main character was the chosen one in all the series. The fans need a new story for the next Mass Effect 5 as well.
  5. The Conversation System – the last change that could be done in the next Mass Effect 5 could be the conversation system. The system was good, but the choices are limited, and you can choose based on sentiments. So maybe this change could be made too.

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