Google Play Store Introduces A New Feature To Help Users Free Up Storage Space

Insufficient storage is a problem we have all encountered at some point or another when trying to download apps or games on your Android device. Google Play Store is filled with apps that seem promising and make you want to download them and try them out.

One of the leading causes that lead to having no more space on your phone is downloading too many unnecessary apps that you never end up using, which occupy more of your internal storage than you may think. It seems that our storage issues will soon come to an end, as Google came up with a genius solution. recently reported that some Android device owners encountered notifications on their smartphones, informing them that they can free up storage space by removing unused apps and games from their device.

Google Play Store Introduces A New Feature To Help Users Free Up Storage Space

Tapping the before-mentioned notification opens up the Google Play Store, displaying a page of the apps installed. The page lists each app information, like the size it takes up, and the last time it was used, helping users decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Upon hearing the news, many users were excited. The new feature will not only serve as a reminder for Android users to free up space. But, it will also guide people who are not extremely skilled tech-wise, who might not have been aware of the pre-existing options to remove unused apps, like Flies by Google or any other phone-cleansing app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

While the new addition will greatly benefit some people, there are still users who are not impressed, either because they already organize their internal storage themselves or they have powerful handsets with enough storage to download as many useless apps as they want.

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