Facebook Lite Beta Rolled Out With Fixes And Improvements

With more than 2.38 billion active users each month (as of March 2019) Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social media network in the world. Now, Facebook Lite Beta rolled out, and it comes with fixes and improvements.

Many Android and iOS users are familiar with the app version of the service, which offers a selection of awesome features. While the app is great, the experience isn’t that great on older devices. Facebook cares about all of its users, and an excellent alternative is available.

Enter Facebook Lite, a beautiful and lightweight version of the app which works great on budget devices and older smartphones.

Facebook Lite Features

Use Facebook Lite to find and connect with family and friends

Posting status updates is quite easy, and you can use the classic Facebook emoji to add a bit of personality to your posts. Share photos, memes and your favorite content with just a few taps.

The robust notification system will let you know when your friends like your posts or leave a comment.

Interact with the posts shared by your friends, react to them and add a comment

Search for events, use it for RSVP and bring your friends together for an awesome night out!
Keep your favorite memories safe and handy by adding them to albums.

Follow your favorite artist, pages, and groups to stay connected and learn the latest news

Look up a local business, including restaurants, shows, and bars. Read reviews, check the menu and survey the schedule to enjoy a great experience!

Have saving to the sale? Shoot a few pictures and share a post on the marketplace. Hundreds of potential customers can see your post and interact with you in a few seconds. Besides, your privacy is important, and you have complete freedom over your content by customizing the privacy settings. The app is available for free on the market place.

Facebook Lite Beta Rolled Out With Fixes And Improvements

You can gain access to the Facebook Lite beta versions by joining the beta program available via the Google Play Store.

The latest build, Facebook Lite, features new bug fixes which should make the user experience even better. Also, Facebook Lite Beta came out with some improvements for reliability and speed.

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