ASUS ZenFone 6 To Be Revealed on May 16: Livestreamed Event

ASUS’ new ZenFone smartphone is almost here!

As soon as Google I/O announced the new Android Q 3 beta, ASUS informed all their ZenFone 5Z users could join the beta program and check out all the new features brought by the new operating system.

The ASUS team also mentioned that they are getting ready to launch the highly anticipated ZenFone Z6 and that the smartphone is on the priority list for the Android Q upgrade.

ZenFone 6 To Be Revealed on May 16

In an exclusive mail from the ASUS representatives, we learned that the launch event would also have a live stream for the official unveiling of the ZenFone 6 – you can check out the event that will be streamed at

ZenFone 6 will be revealed on 16th May at 7 pm BST /8 pm CEST, in Valencia, Spain.

If you have not thought of getting the ZenFone 6, there are a few features that might convince you otherwise:

“At ASUS, our mission has always been to ‘defy ordinary’ by standing out from our peers. We believe all phone users have unique requirements and the new ZenFone 6 has been specifically designed to reflect this in its versatile camera, gaming and power capabilities,” said ASUS in their mail, adding that we can follow them on social media using these hashtags: #DefyOrdinary and #ZenFone6.

The statement above really makes us reconsider all the rumors about the possible specs, such as 8/12 GB of RAM, all screen design and probably a different selfie camera. There are other rumors including a more powerful batery, rear camera setup and others, but we’ll wait for the official reveal and see how the ZenFone 6 will “Defy Ordinary.”

ASUS is not done with the good news, and just by looking at all the teases and rumors surrounding their new smartphone, we will see a high-end handset at an affordable price.

Check back here for more updates on the new ZenFone 6, and don’t forget to watch the live event. We will return with fresh news about the specs and features the new ASUS smartphone will bring during the big reveal. We’re ready to be surprised!

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