Apple’s iOS 12.3 Final Version Is Out – Highlights Include The Overhauled TV App

Apple has just released iOS 12.3 which is a significant update with some pretty exciting new features.

There have been six beta versions released before this latest update. This one brings the software something that the tech giant has promissed since back in March, according to Forbes.

In order to download the update, open the Settings app, tap General, then Software Update. Here’s what’s new in the update.

New Apple TV app

A brand new Apple TV app has been promised back in March, and the company revealed the new subscription video service, Apple TV+ which is due this fall.

“The new app is still familiar, with Watch Now and Up Next still crucial in the whole thing, but the design has been tweaked and added extra information, without becoming cluttered,” Forbes writes.

Kids TV

This is a new tab for children’s programming within the TV app. If you tap Kids, you will be seeing a roster for new items which is followed by kid-friendly areas such as Pick Your Pals where the appearance of SesameStreet favorites will definitely encourage kids to tap on the touchscreen right away.


This is one of the biggest changes that this update brings – the introduction of channels which are sitting within the TV app.

From now on, you will be able to subscribe to HBO for instance and watch relevant programs without having to go to the HBO app.


These have been enhanced with machine learning in order to make the stuff that’s suggested more relevant.

tvOS has also been updated

There’s also a new Apple TV app on the Apple TV box as well. “Functionality is similar to the iOS update and includes a smart redesign and the same expanded sections, such as for kids, as well as channels that can now be found within the TV app,” Forbes notes.

Read the complete details on Apple’s official notes.

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