Best 6 Inbox by Gmail Alternatives To Use in 2019

Inbox by Gmail has been an excellent email service, providing features that most of the other email hosting servers aren’t, such as snoozing emails, Smart Reply and so on. Now, as the email provider has been shut down, all we are left to do is switch to an alternative, be it better than Inbox by Gmail or not so good. We put together a list of the best 6 alternatives to Inbox by Gmail you have at the moment.

Best 6 Inbox by Gmail Alternatives To Use in 2019

Gmail – as the best choice

​Gmail is an excellent option since it is a pre-installed email provider on the Android Devices, and also because it gets a bit close to Inbox by Gmail in its features​. Due to numerous demands, Google has incorporated the main options of the Inbox by Gmail to the Gmail app in its every update.

Gmail app allows the addition of more than one email accounts on an app, organizes your emails in different categories: Primary, Social, and Updates, permits quick reply, autocomplete and numerous other features, for example, the security of Google, simple connectivity with other Google applications, and so on. The app allows you to snooze emails, customize swipe options, and gives a no-lag affair.

Spark – as a second-best alternative to Inbox by Gmail

​The app has been conceived and released by a company which has a good prestige, being launched just when Inbox by Google was going to die. Spark app organizes emails into labels, and only shows prioritized notifications.

Achieve or delete emails with a single tap, schedule emails, and set follow-up reminders. The app allows quick replies, also supports various email accounts such as Google, Yahoo and more.

Newton – the premium option

​Newton is not a free app, but it’s worth its money, as it comes with more than ten email providers support which includes Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and the rest. This email service offers exciting features such as Read Receipts (they notify you when the receiver has opened the message you sent), a neat and simply designed inbox UI, back-up for apps such as Evernote and Todoist.

Other features include email snoozing, email scheduling. The price of the app is $50/year, and it is the best recommendation for business professionals.

Microsoft Outlook – a straightforward freemium alternative

Micros​oft Outlook comes with features such as email snoozing, swipe to delete, sorting emails, automatically refuses spams, and a navigation and search bar, which make it one of the best 6 alternatives to the Inbox by Gmail app. This application is a freemium option for business professionals, as it enables some excellent options. Outlook comes with extra security than all the other email service providers.

Edison Mail – ‘A smart mail you can rely upon’

​Edison Mail is an incredible email service, offering along with its other features a built-in assistant. Get quick search results, easily unsubscribe from unwanted email providers, disable read receipts so no one can see when you open an email, undo sent emails, and get smart notifications such as important meetings, flight boarding time, and so on.

You can also secure wanted conversations with FaceID or TouchID, and create custom motions.

Type App Mail – an of-the-heap email service

Type App Mail does the stuff you would anticipate an email app to do​, but also has excellent features such as support for leading email providers (Gmail, iCloud, etc.), an ordinarily integrated inbox, push notifications, backing wireless printing, and so on. The app has support for Wear OS, dark mode, themes, Material Design UI, and other customization options.

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