Ghost Recon Breakpoint Skips Steam in Favor of Epic Games Store

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to skip Steam this year, in favor of an Epic Games Store-exclusive release, according to Ubisoft. The game will make its appearance on Ubisoft’s Uplay, and it will not be available otherwise from other sources for PC. The decision was announced yesterday, and it’s part of the three Ubisoft’s releases that skipped Steam in favor of the newly launched Epic Games Store.

Why did Ubisoft take this decision about Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

The company confirmed that it is true, but they did not give a reason on why they decided to do that and withhold the game from the Steam launch. The two most recent games from Ubisoft, Anno 1800 and The Division 2 have skipped Steam as well in favor of the Epic Store.

Ubisoft stated that “additional select titles” would be exclusive to the Epic Game Store for the entire 2019. GameSpot has contacted the gaming company and has asked why they made this decision.

What are the possible explanations?

There is one possible explanation: Epic will take a much smaller share of revenue than Valve would do on Steam, which makes it a more attractive proposition for developers and publishers. Also, Steam has a significant install base, and it’s been here for much longer, which means that it has features that the Epic Store does not have, such as achievements, cloud saves and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Other big names in the game’s world, such as Metro: Exodus, and Detroit: Become Human, besides Ghost Recon Breakpoint, have also decided to skip Steam. Epic Games Store keeps on securing exclusives from big developers in the video gaming universe. Epic has recently said that they will change their policy of chasing exclusives if Valve reduces the cut that it takes from Steam’s game sales.

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