Google I/O 2019 Conference – Here Are The Hottest Announcements Made So Far

Google’s I/O conference is already in progress, and the company released a host of announcements. Below you can find a curated list of the biggest news from the event.

Google I/O 2019 – Hottest Announcements So Far

The Pixel 3A and 3A XL launch

The new budget Pixel smartphones are now available. They come with the iconic headphone jacks, a trait that could attract many customers. The prices start at $399 and the devices sport some of the most popular features of the Pixel line, including the essential camera functions.

As expected there is a caveat, and the premium features like waterproofing and wireless charging were removed.

The Nest Hub Max looks quite impressive

The famous Google Home line has been rebranded under the name of the Google News, and a new product was announced at Google I/O 2019: The Nest Hub Max. This device is a fusion between a Nest Camera, the Google Home Max, and the Home Hub, offering excellent features rolled into a single device. The built-in camera includes facial recognition, which allows the device to differentiate between different family members.

A new Android Q beta version – Android Q Beta 3

The latest Android Q beta version is now available, and users have a chance to enjoy the new Dark Theme, which uses true black instead of the dark gray which was visible in previous versions.

Live subtitles for video content

A new live subtitles feature will display subtitles for video content. The feature will work even if you are recording live video and it is an excellent quality of life improvement for users who have hearing issues. It will also allow you to watch the video in public without the need to turn up the volume or to disturb other persons.

Project Mainline

A new project aims to increase the overall security for Android devices. Project Mainline will allow Google to deliver modular updates with the help of the Google Play Store system used for app updates.

It is likely that more announcement will arrive by the end of Google I/O 2019, set for today.

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