Fortnite Season 9 Skin Reportedly Leaked In An AT&T Advertising Material

A new advertising material has made the rounds on the internet because of its mind-blowing similarity in design and appearance with Fortnite. The American telecommunications firm AT&T has released, on May 6th, a marketing ad, a video, on their Social Media platform (Instagram). Reportedly, the material leaked Fortnite Season 9 skin.

AT&T’s video has a weirdly similar style to Fortnite and that’s why Fortnite fans were quick to observe the analogy and so rumors and speculations were birthed. Theories that the marketing material is, in fact, a leak of Fortnite’s upcoming edition, Season 9, quickly spread across the web.
However, other people appear to think that the promotion is a mere marketing tour de force, and not publicity which leaked before the scheduled date.

Fortnite Season 9 Skin Reportedly Leaked In An AT&T Advertising Material

But, if you go to the company’s Instagram page, the video doesn’t exist anymore, as AT&T took it down. This beg the question whether the clip, in fact, was the first Fortnite’s 9th Season leak or not.
As we all know, Epic Games is very familiar to collaborations which offer elite cosmetic products, such as Galaxy set given to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Epic x Huawei Honor Guard skin, or Tab S4 proprietors.

In the light of these situations, we say it is not impossible to actually have had our first glance at the Epic Games and AT&T collaboration. Even so, there were tiny details which suggest that the clip was a mimic or a marketing trick, as for example the fact that the character example shown in the video has not yet been unveiled in Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 9 is just a few weeks away. The new upcoming season also means that it is time for a few weeks of in-game events. Season 9 will bring forth new skins, huge changes in the map, new battle pass, and much more creative mode equipment.

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