GTA 6 for PlayStation and Xbox – Truth or Rumors?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most awaited and discussed games at this moment. So the leaks and rumors are everywhere, and they come from everywhere too. Fans are waiting with excitement the release of GTA 6 for PlayStation and Xbox, even if we don’t have confirmation about the release date. Rockstar isn’t saying anything about the release date of the GTA 6, and we think that we won’t see an official confirmation in the nearest future. We have looked at all the rumors about GTA 6 that have ventured the Internet, and we are going to check the most significant ones.

Truth or Rumor?

  • Remember the most recent rumor that had kept all of us wondering if it can be true or not? The talk says that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be an exclusive title for PlayStation 5, but only for a month. In the past, the first rumor on this topic was the possibility that GTA 6 will be exclusive for PS5 only. But the idea of having GTA 6 on PS 5 for a month can be credible if we look at the third-party developer that has confirmed this rumor.
  • Another hot rumor that has left us to wonder is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will come only for the next-generation consoles. That could be a problem for users of Xbox One and PS 4. But we think that Rockstar is considering all users and won’t give this blow.
  • This rumor is excellent and tasty: GTA 6 will feature two big cities – Liberty City and Vice City. If Rockstar makes this addition to the game, the feedback will be more than positive. We must take into consideration this possibility too because, since 2006, fans have been missing Vice City.

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