Google Play Services 17.1.22 Beta with Better Software Optimization is Now Available for Download

If you ever wondered what is the most important component in the Android operating system, then you probably figured out that it’s the premium user experience that it offers. The reason why tens of millions of people are using Android powered devices is because they deliver powerful performances and a great user experience that is unparalleled. Not just that, but Android users get access to millions of apps and games that they can download whenever they want. However, this all wouldn’t be possible without help from Google Play Services.

Google Play Services has a vital role in the Android operating system and the interesting thing about it is that most Android users don’t even know about it. Google Play Services is a background app and this is why Android users are not aware of the importance of Google Play Services such as making sure that native and third-party apps are automatically updated or that phone contacts get synchronized among other things.

Google Play Services 17.1.22 Beta

Considering that Google Play Services is so vital to the Android operating system, then no one should be shocked to find out that it is being updated on a regular basis. From the looks of it, Google’s motto is “another day, another update” and the reason behind this is that Google Play Services has received a new update every day during this past couple of weeks.

The latest update for Google Play Services sports the 17.1.22 beta version number and it focuses on improving the overall performances of all Android powered smartphones. The way that the new update does this is by introducing a handful of software tweaks that optimize Google’s software.

We also need to mention that the new update is a beta release. This means that the only Android users who can access the software tweaks that it brings are those who are enrolled in the Android Beta Program.

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