Fortnite Season 8 Is coming To An End and Players Will Be Rewarded

As Epic Games usually does not end a season without a little bit of chaos, some surprises, and some gifts, players who synchronized with the company’s plan were in for a good show that took place on the island. However, some of the players faced some problems so Epic Games decided they should get a gift that would help their disappointment disappear.

What did the event consist of?

Unvaulting, an event that was scheduled by the developer company of Fortnite, took place on the 4th of May. Fortnite players basically could not do anything else, but jump into the mysterious open vault in the center of the location.

Various items and weapons were there waiting for them encased in glass. The players worked together to strike down a pillar to set free one of these items from the vault, everything using their pickaxes. The Tommy Gun was the item saved by the team of players, and it also gave them their access back to the island.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

After an extended mission, the players game face to face to a big show. They watched Season 8’s volcano erupt and erase their favorite are of the game, the Tilted Towers. This way everything could be ready for Season 9 as the island now has a different shape.

The happy ending of Fortnite Season 8

Some of the players who accessed the game especially for the event were not as lucky to see it go as smoothly as it was supposed to. Because of that, Epic Games apologizes for the inconvenience created to those who could not vote and be witnesses of the event.

As Epic Games can’t let their players be upset for too long, those who suffered from this problem will be gifted the Arcana Glider for free or 1200 V-Bucks if they already have it purchased.

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