How To Remove TouchWiz/One UI From Your Phone?

Android is not a closed source system. With that being said, anything can be done with it by third-party manufacturers. To exemplify this, take a look at the customized UI layer from Samsung, One UI (formerly Samsung Experience and before that TouchWiz), which is often the subject of heated debates, mainly because it does not have a lot of fans. If you want your phone to no longer have UI in it, we can help you out if you follow the directions found below. It is easy!

Erase TouchWiz/One UI: root and install an AOSP ROM

If you no longer want your smartphone to have Samsung’s UI on it, all you need to do (and it is your only option) is to flash your device with a new ROM. However, as the Knox counter will be set to zero, this will void your warranty. Odin is the first thing needed to flash your Samsung.

You will need these things if you want to erase Touchwiz or another Samsung UI from your phone: install a custom recovery first and then install the new ROM from the custom recovery.

TWRP is the most common custom recovery for Samsung. The exact file for your phone model will be needed to install it. It can be downloaded from its official page. The file with the .tar extension will be required to install the recovery with Odin.

After everything is done, all you need to do is look for a ROM without TouchWiz or any other Samsung UIs. A lot of ROMS can be found in the XDA forum that is based on pure, stock Android (AOSP) and you can try out. If you do not know which one to choose, we recommend Lineage OS.

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