Clash of Clans New Challenges Will Give You the Gladiator Queen Hero Skin

Yesterday was the last day of the season of challenges in Clash of Clans, and no time has been wasted because Supercell is announcing the next game’s season. So this month comes with reward tracks for the Silver and Gold levels and more weekly challenges. The final level from the May season is the Gladiator Queen Hero skin and it’s achievable only with Gold Pass.

The Gladiator Queen Hero Skin

As we said above, the reward is available when you have the Gold Pass, and you must complete the challenges to reach the end. Through the game, you will unlock a lot of rewards as well. You will gain training boosts, magic items, resources, and access to the Season Bank.  As you know by now, these season challenges have been introduced to the game in April. It appeared alongside the spring 2019 update, and it has the purpose of keeping the players engaged in Clash of Clans.

Also, in the new season, you will find daily and weekly challenges until you will arrive at the final prize, in this case, the Gladiator Queen Hero skin. Every season will have a different skin as a reward, like last month’s Gladiator King Skin for the Barbarian King. The idea is the same; you must complete the challenges, have the Gold Pass and collect your skin. Having a Gold Pass you can unlock all the Gold tracks, but this costs $4.99, in comparison with the Silver track that can be earned by all players.

Besides this, the Gold Pass gives you access to the Season Bank, a feature that the Silver Pass allows it partially. So according to your plans and desires, you can decide if a Gold Pass is necessary. But still, you can choose to play the Silver level and declare the Gold Pass as an option for a later purchase. In that way, you will receive from previous levels all of the rewards until the point of purchase.

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