5G Test from AT&T – What Are the Tests Revealing?

AT&T is a telecom giant in North America, which has set its goal to be the first one to have the first 5G network in the country. The company has begun a series of speed tests to see if they can get the maximum speed for the 5G network. So they started and worked on the tests, and the results have come, a speed up to 2GBps. This news is exciting for the company and the country.

What Are the Testing Revealing?

The 5G network, or the 5th Generation, and is a digital cellular network that divides into small geographical areas that are named cells. The 5G wireless’s cells are communicating by radio waves with the help of local antenna and an automated transceiver. So those antennas are connected with your telephone network and the Internet with the help of a high bandwidth optical fiber.

The difference between 5G networks and the other ones used now is that the 5G can reach even 10GBps speed. Imagine that; it’s insane! So AT&T has started working on that, and from what it seems, they are on the right path. One month ago, the company had begun its speed tests and had touched 1GBps. They have insisted on this task, so after 30 days from that result, they’ve tested again and again, and the results were double. This incredible result was possible in Atlanta by using NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot.

Furthermore, an excellent example of the incredible speed that the 5G network can have is the ability to download a 2-hour HD movie in ten seconds with this network! As you imagine, the future will be the 5G network, and maybe in 2020, we will have both the network and the smartphones. What AT&T is aiming it’s to get America on 5G network, to every user. Already some telephones companies are starting to consider and releasing device for the 5G network, companies like Samsung (that already has a 5G supported smartphone) and Apple who wants to join on board.

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