Saints Row 5 Leaks – Release Date and Gameplay Rumors

We have rumors that after Saints Row 4, that was an incredible game to play and had gathered a lot of fans to the series, the company will launch Saints Row 5. Of course, no official statement was made, but the leaks are suggesting that the company has begun to work at the new game called Saints Row 5.

The rumors are even suggesting the release date and much other relevant information. Are you curious enough?

What Are the Recent Saints Row 5 Leaks Are Saying about Release Data and Gameplay?


This year has given the start of the Online Multiplayer Mode. The best example of this multiplayer mode and online is GTA Online. If we look at the Saint Row 4, the game hasn’t offered an Online Multiplayer Mode, and we haven’t thought that the next game will have.

It was regrettable for fans of the Saint Row 4 not having an Online Mode, but if the rumors are true, the company will make us very happy with the new release. Saints Row 5 will have an Online Multiplayer Mode just like GTA Online.

A Developer Is Returning – Jim Boone

That is even more good news! Having developer Jim Boone back will be a positive sign for us. He had been one of the best developers of the series, and its contribution had said a lot. The leaks are saying that Jim Boone has come back to work to the new Saint Row 5, and the work is already in progress.

The Saints Row 5 Release Date

It is expected that the game will launch around 2020, and the purpose is to be released on the upcoming consoles. If we are looking at the big games that are being built now, most of them are using advanced technologies, for example, GTA 6.

So maybe the company is using the same techniques, and we will see Saints Row 5 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two whenever the next-gen consoles will launch.

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