Facebook Messenger Is Available To Download With New GUI and Improvements

Facebook Messenger, the app you probably use daily is a messaging app and platform. It was initially developed in 2008 as Facebook Chat, but in 2010 the messaging service was revamped by the company, and in August 2011 it began subsequently releasing standalone iOS and Android apps. New apps have been released by Facebook over the years on a variety of different operating systems, but at the moment Facebook Messenger is the most popular one.  Now, Facebook Messenger rolled out with new GUI and improvements.

What is new in Facebook Messenger

The Messenger app is now brand new thanks to the new design it received that makes it simpler to navigate, easier to use and even more fun.

Now, Messenger only has three tabs to make it easier for everybody – Chat, People and Discover.

You can quickly access all your messages thanks to the chat tab, find both new and old friends thanks to the people tab and connects with your favorite brands, play games and find discounts thanks to the discover tab. In addition to that, chatting is even more fun now thanks to the new color gradients.

What is Facebook Messenger good for?

Everybody uses Facebook messenger for their own reasons, but the advantages include sending messages all around the world without being charged, send dancing GIFS. Silly stickers and funny emojis to your friends instead of writing something, use Messenger Camera to take a shot on which you can doodle, make deciding with your friends easier by sharing your location, voting using polls and even split the bill.

If someone misses your voice, you can always send them a video message of you so they can listen to it anytime they want. Make the distance seem less visible by using the video chat feature that Facebook Messenger provides you with. Take advantage of all these benefits without hesitation!

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