Top 7 Best Clash of Clans Alternatives

Clash of Clans is an extremely popular strategy game, which displays the player as chief of the village, having to complete tasks. These missions include building your own town, collecting resources and participating in clan wars. The game is a product of Supercell. We’ve handpicked a few games that are similar to Clash of Clans and listed below.

Top 7 Best Clash of Clans Alternatives

Boom Beach

​This title is also developed by the creators of Clash of Clans, and has an almost similar core but also have numerous unique elements. Beach Boom gives you a much enjoyable experience than Clash of Clans, as it allows attacks by other players to retaliate against the automatic generated attacks. In this game, you have to build a base, collect resources to boost defense or unlock troop upgrade. The same map is used to play both in single and multiplayer modes. The game is also available for PC.

Dawn of Titans

​The game is quite easy to handle, and it provides a quality experience, offering classic Massively Multiplayer Online features. Dawn of Titans consists in creating teams of players in order to conquer other kingdoms.

Lords Mobile

This game is one of the most known titles developed by IGG. Lord Mobile generates numerous game modes including Player vs. Player battles. The game involves attacking monsters and other powerful characters that appear from time to time. This allows you to claim resources and aids in upgrading your character, therefore, enhance your playing efficiency.

Jungle Heat

Create your fortress and defend it from rivals, build troops and develop them to take down the enemy bases. The gameplay takes place in vividly a green jungle.

Viking Wars

​You are transported in the early ages of Vikings where the powerful kingdoms destroy the weaker ones. By conquering a kingdom, the player acquires the resources of the weaker opponent which increases their power, and also, attack other tribes to collect their resources as well.

Total Conquest

​This title takes you in the period of the Roman Empire where you have to demonstrate your skills in conducting and defending your kingdom from the enemy’s attacks, so you’ll be the next king as the kingdom is searching for a new ruler. Use tactics and be brave in the game, in order to win.

Castle Clash

​This looks like the cloned version of Clash of Clans, with a bit of uniqueness in the multiplayer mode. Develop your base, train your troops, and unlock minions to fight for you, all this while building your fort and defending it from the enemy forces.


All the above games allow you to play a game which offers a similar experience as Clash of Clans. By playing these titles, you can refresh your experience and strategy methods. Enjoy!

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