Pokémon GO Legendary Addition – New Changes and Debuts

Pokémon GO will receive new legendary Pokémon that can be caught in the wild. Pokémon GO started in 2016, and it was considered fad. After the first few months of popularity, the game had a problem to sustain it for the mobile mode, but still, after all these years, the game is still popular. The idea of a free-to-play game is to make it consistently to feel fresh. So Niantic is doing its job and adding new features and new generations of Pokémon.

Unfortunately, complaints still exist. The problem is that if you don’t live in a Pokémon GO community, the Pokémon is available via gym raids. So catching legendary Pokémon via gym raid could be a problem. But don’t worry, there is still hope. A new debut in the game is being made by Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, the Legendary Pokémon.

Moreover, the Legendary Pokémon will not be raid bosses.  For you to find them, you have to go in the wild, just like you do with the rest of the other Pokémon. But, we are talking about Legendary characters, this task won’t be so easy as you think. Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie will not appear so often, so that’s sad. Also, after you rarely saw them, we imagine that they are hard to catch as well.

Finally, from some rumors, we know that each one of the three legendaries is sent and locked to some specific areas. The rumors aren’t confirmed yet. But Azelf is spotted only in the Americas and Greenland. Mespirit has been seen only in Europe, and Uxie has shown only in the Asia/Pacific region. Niantic isn’t saying a thing, but we are hoping that other Legendary Pokémon will appear around the world, or maybe cycling would be good too.

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