DexAge (DXG) Obtains An Essential Role Among Q2 2019 ICOs

DexAge is a decentralized exchange, an autonomous and self-sufficient crypto ecosystem. It’s based on the social connection between traders and investors engaged on the platform. As it looks at the moment, DexAge (DXG) obtains an essential role among the ICOs of Q2 2019.

About DexAge decentralized exchange

The DexAge platform combines its decentralized exchange with its proprietary dApps to make it possible to operate in a decentralized framework. Besides, DexAge provides an improved interface that boosts the use of decentralized wallets in daily operations.

The premise of DexAge platform is that users can interact with each other and share opinions, while they can even chat to share knowledge about the crypto universe. DexAge believes that this kind of decentralized environment is beneficial for both investors and traders.

“A daily example is meetings, webinars, and talks through other well-known applications. Whether decentralized or centralized. The single, centralized authority model that controls the entire system has become obsolete. Since the founding team of DexAge, this sentence has been assumed, and power is given to the shareholders of DexAge. This kind of decentralization of power makes them the primary force influencing growth and development,” said DexAge in a press release.

DexAge (DXG) tokens platform provides a wide array of P2P functions

Throughout 2018 and also so far in 2019, asset escrow has been a hot topic of debates in the blockchain universe, and even Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum (ETH), stated that DEX exchange platforms are the future.

The DexAge platform, which hosts the DXG tokens, offers a perfect combination between decentralized deposit services, p2p chat, and DEX to reduce the commissions for transactions to their minimum. That also saves time in comparison with the conventional loan systems. DXG platform, conducted by Preciuous Kenneth W. and Suano Neenwi, is part of the emerging companies in the blockchain sector.

DexAge (DXG) tokens ICO comes with various alternatives for acquisition

Every person who is interested in investing in the DexAge project can do that in multiple ways. The fixed value for DXG is $0.01, but you’ll have the chance to join with a 1000% discount. At the time of the writing, a DXG is sold at $0.001.

When the ICO ends and the launch requirements are adjusted, various additional activities will start. “The DXG token will start shooting in the second quarter of the year a few weeks before the platform is released. It can be seen on the DexAge roadmap, which are the first two priorities for the year 2019 full of expectations,” a press release reads.

Keep in touch with DexAge (DXG) platform

To learn more about DexAge (DXG) platform or to contact the team, you can follow the next links:

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