We Will See GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch?

If you are a Nintendo fan, we think that this question is on your mind too. The success of the Nintendo Switch was both expected and a surprise. But the things that make the Switch even more successful are the titles of the games and the quality of these titles. Also, even the company has made sure to bring all the best games on their previous generations of consoles. Maybe a lot of these games have the selling point because of these home consoles are still bonded to the TV, and the gaming laptops are bulky for portable gaming. Also, Nintendo has evolved and now is implementing online features and gaming for its consoles.

However, the question remains: when do will see Grand Theft Auto V on the Nintendo Switch? Well, some tricky details are holding the game back, and at the same time, that could lead the game thru its launch. The first thing that could hold the GTA 5 back is its size. GTA 5 is a big game, a game that wouldn’t fit on a Switch game card, not even on the larger ones that are recently announced. So, introducing GTA 5 on the Switch can be a little hard for the console, also if it will come with hard drive included.

On the other hand, if we analyze GTA V’s graphics, the results are impressive, it moves very well, and we think that Switch can be capable of handling it, but we don’t know how the final experience will be like. We can’t forget about the online mode of the game too. This method produces a lot of money for the companies, so it’s tough to give up on that. Having GTA Online for Nintendo Switch could be the best thing for a console that already has a lot of games on its library.

Finally, we will see GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch is a question that can’t be answered now. This will depend only if the game can be ported as an online game. As always, money is the ones that decide if the game will be on the console or not.

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