The Sims 5 New Questions On Its Release Date

After Maxis had dropped The Sims 4 freelancer career update, everyone went crazy for starting a new career in the field. Of course, the details about the update weren’t loud and clear; it was enough for us to know that it will be significant. One of the first reasons to buy the game is that Maxis and EA are doing a hell of a job with The Sims’ DLC. We have to wait until this fall to see what will happen, but except this detail, what will happen with The Sims 5?

There are so many questions regarding The Sims 5. It’s in development or not? The plans are made or not? When will it be out? How long do we have to satisfy our craving for a new game? We are still playing the same game from 2018 until now. Yes, The Sims 4 works just fine, and it’s okay, it’s fun, but we need a change too. From 2014 until now a lot of things have changed in the video gaming market, so you cannot wonder what the company will do for The Sims 5.

Also, if we are looking at the open-world games and the role-playing game elements, you can’t help imagine what the game could look with these new elements, with new features and the next-gen consoles. When Sims has started this journey, the game was only for PC experience. By the time, the franchise has moved to the consoles too, but the real experience remains just like the first time, on PC. Taking into consideration that the next-generation of consoles will be launched, The Sims 5 will have an advantage.

Finally, when The Sims 5 will be launched, we don’t know to predict precisely the precise date of the game, but we are hoping that EA and Maxis will bring an open-world and some new features to the game for an immersive experience. Until then, The Sims 4 it’s still making money, so it’s logic that the company won’t move away from it.

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