The Best VPN That Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in 2019

VPNs present us with a way to surf the web in a completely private and anonymous manner. With a VPN, we can choose to encrypt our online traffic, and thus remain safe from all kinds of threats, as well as surveillance webs that are lurking online.

The best VPN services, like PureVPN allow us to remain completely anonymous on the web. In our PureVPN review, we found out that the Hong Kong based VPN service offers military grade encryption which makes us complete secure and private on the web. We can do whatever we want, and surf wherever we want to on the web without having to worry about any person, or agency following or tracking us on the web.

While our online communications remain completely anonymous with a VPN, the one thing that can still leak our actual identity on the web is the mode of payment that we use on the internet. If we intend to purchase any product and service, we are forced to use our credit or debit cards to pay for this stuff, and this can lead to the exposure of our identity.

This issue was a big one for online privacy enthusiasts in the past. Thankfully, we found a way to get around this issue and pay for any product or service without using our credit or debit card data. A promising payment method came in the form of cryptocurrency. Popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, became a popular way to pay for stuff online while preserving our actual identity on the web.

Cryptocurrencies keep us completely anonymous, considering that we’re using this currency alongside a private VPN service, such as PureVPN. With this method, your online traffic, as well as your identity remains completely anonymous on the web.

Another important method to preserve your online identity is to buy your VPN subscription by paying with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This would mean that even if your VPN traffic is caught by a surveillance agency, they won’t be able to tie this connection with your identity because you didn’t use your bank accounts to pay for the VPN service.

For this, you would need to subscribe to a VPN service that accepts payments made from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. Thankfully for us, we can subscribe to one such VPN service that accepts payments made via cryptocurrency and also keeps us secure and encrypted on the web.

Thankfully for us, there is a VPN service that not only offers the best online security and privacy standards, but also accepts payments made via cryptocurrency methods. This service is known by the name of PureVPN. Our PureVPN review confirms that the service is the best you will find when searching for the best and most secure VPN networks.

So what are you waiting for? Get some cryptocurrency now and use PureVPN to remain completely anonymous on the web.

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