Fortnite News: The Fifth Rune Showed Up at Loot Lake Vault

Right on the Loot Lake metal hatch, you can see a rune which is not yet active. No players could interact with it so far, which means that it will get activated soon, or players must do something to make it work. Let’s see what players can do with it once it’s activated.

Fortnite players could interact with the previous runes which are now part of the structure, but not with this one. What could this mean?

A New Quest? Leaks Suggest We’ll See Some Vaulted Items

The last rune shows a stone that flats over a volcano, which suggests that players might need to activate the last rune of the hatch by completing some quests. Once all the runes are active, the hatch should open and reveal something.

According to recent leaks, the hatch could reveal an event that is connected to vaulted items. From data mining, we learned that the event at Loot Lake would reveal a sphere of energy and then a corridor with glass pillars that keeps those vaulted items safe. Fortnite Leaker ShiinaBR Tweeted the photo of the fifth rune seen from a different angle:

We don’t know yet when players can begin the event, but data miners found some proof of a voting system that will have players vote for the vaulted items they want to bring back to the event. However, Epic hasn’t yet confirmed anything.

Will We Activate the Rune Tomorrow?

The only thing we all know is that when you plug in a new rune, you increase the volcano activity, and how that the last rune represents a volcano, it’s proof it will likely erupt. Data miners have also found that the volcano activity increased and it is confirmed for season 9.

The information leaked on the volcano eruption also says that it will happen after the fifth rune is activated. According to the data miners, Retail Row and Tilted Towers might be destroyed as soon as season 9 begins. There is footage of the ground burning and building being destroyed by the rocks that fly from the volcano.

If we were to look back at the previous runes, players might be able to activate the fifth rune at tomorrow – 11 AM CT. Check back here for more Fortnite updates!

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