Facebook Messenger Lite Beta with Improved User Experience is Now Available for Download

Facebook Lite is equipped with lots of features that make it a highly popular app in both the Android and iOS communities. What makes Facebook Lite special is not only the fact that its software has been tweaked out in order to lower the overall amount of storage space that the app needs, but that it comes accompanied by Messenger Lite. This is a standalone chatting app and just like Facebook Lite, it only requires 10MB of storage space.

Messenger Lite is renowned for making it easier for users to get in touch with their friends and family members. Not just that, but the chatting app is also equipped with a bunch of cool features such as lots of emojis and a GIF finder that helps users express themselves while chatting. Nonetheless, the reason why Messenger Lite is making headlines today is because the developers who are in charge of the chatting app have just released a new update.

Messenger Lite Beta

The latest update for Messenger Lite sports the version number and it is currently being rolled out to users who are enrolled in the beta program. Therefore, Messenger Lite beta users should keep their eyes peeled at the notification panel because the update should pop up any minute now. In addition, there is another way to download the new update and it doesn’t require users to enroll in the beta program.

The alternative method of downloading the new update for Messenger Lite is to get it in the form of APK. This update format stands for “Android Package Kit” and what makes it different from all other types of updates is that it needs to be manually downloaded and installed on smartphones.

Improved User Experience

Messenger Lite users should be happy to find out that the new update is aimed at improving the overall user experience that the chatting app has to offer. The way that the new update does that is by introducing a bunch of bug fixes and software tweaks.

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