Minecraft ​Java’s Village & Pillage Available to Download with Numerous Improvements

Minecraft Java Edition is still under updates, and the latest which carries it to version 1.14 is called Village & Pillage has been announced by Minecoin Earth last year but made available earlier this week. The update comes with an enormous quantity of new items, mobs, blocks, and many other features which include pandas, foxes, crossbows, bamboo, cartography and fletching tables and so on.

Listed below are the new updated and added features:

– Numerous accessibility improvements

– More bamboo blocks in the game

– Added bamboo jungles in the world

– Barrels

– Sweet berries and sweet berry bushes added

– Blast furnace

– Rewrote the book and quill editing to be more intuitive

– Cartography table is added

– Split cats and ocelots to their own creatures & updated cats with new features

– Added composter

– Added crossbows

– Lots of new blocks and new decorative blocks

– Added fletching table

– New dyes and flowers

– Some community suggestions were added as well

– In-game buttons for reporting bugs or giving feedback

– Enhancements to invisibility in order to work correctly where it didn’t

– Grindstone functionality has been added

– Added ‘Hero of the Village’ effect

– Leather horse armor

– Lantern, Lectern, Loom

– Existing special banner design can now be crafted into a new item not consumed when used, Banner Patterns

– A New ‘Globe’ banner pattern and item

– New textures

– New noteblock sounds

– Added pandas, foxes, Illager patrols, Pillagers, Pillager outpost, raids

– Added Ravager, Wandering Trader

– Added scaffolding

– The sign editing has been rewrote

– Smithing table, smoker, stonecutter, suspicious stew

– Trading and Villager changes

– Biome based architecture for villagers

– Herobrine has been removed

The game also has a new Accessibility menu which affords a useful place for all the accessibility options to be toggled. Still on Accessibility, the narrator is turned on and the buttons will be narrated on focus, the majority of the screens allow tab and shift+tab navigation through buttons, edit boxes and other UI items and so on.

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