Google Is Banning a Chinese Android Developer from the Play Store

After some journalistic investigation, Google has started to remove the entire apps from the Chinese Android developer from the Play Store. The research reveals that the developer is committing ad fraud. We are talking about the DO Global apps owned by Baidu, which are starting to disappear from Google’s store. Until now, Google has removed 46 apps from the developer. Moreover, Google had gone further with the ban, even the ad inventory for purchase are closed.

What Will Happen Next?

From Google’s side, there aren’t official statements or comments, but we know from a source that the company will continue to remove DO Global’s app and ban it overall. Google has no mercy when it comes to malicious behavior and violations. They will always take action if issues are found, including the removal of the apps or the AdMob app in which the developer can make money.

Moreover, DO Global has around 100 apps in the Play Store with more than 250 million monthly active users, and 600 million installs. Google had made bans from their store, but this will be the biggest until now. Also, after the recent discoveries and the action taken by Google, DO Global has released a statement to apologize for the flaws in their apps.

Also, this isn’t Google’s first action against apps that are violating Play Store policies and user. Google banned Cheetah Mobile and Kika Tech because they were committing ad fraud. The apps were removed from the Play Store, but this year, Kika Tech has received the consent to resubmit its apps. We will see for how long Google will ban DO Global and what is going to happen next. Unfortunately for the Chinese Android developer, their apologies are too late. The actions have been taken.

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