New Facebook Lite Maintenance Beta Update is Now Available for Download

There’s no better way to find someone you want to talk with other than to use Facebook. Nearly everyone who uses a smartphone has a Facebook page and this makes it easier for people to get in touch with their family members and friends. Not just that, but Facebook is also bundled with the Messenger app which is equipped with a plethora of features that have been specially designed to help users communicate such as free video and audio calls.

On the downside of things, all the features that Facebook introduces come at a price. The social media app is infamous for using up lots of storage space and mobile data. While this might not be such a big problem for most people, smartphone fans who can’t afford spending hundreds of dollars on the latest flagship from Samsung or Apple will have a different opinion. Facebook has problems running on lower-end smartphones and luckily, here is where the lightweight version comes in and offers an alternative.

Facebook Lite

Just as we can tell from the app’s name, Facebook Lite is a special version of Facebook that features a highly optimized software which has been developed for the sole purpose of running on lower-end smartphones. Therefore, Facebook Lite can be installed on basically any smartphone and it will deliver the same amazing performances and user experience as the original app does.

New Beta Update

The reason why Facebook Lite is making headlines today is because the social media app has recently received a new update. This is a maintenance update and it sports the beta version number. What’s great about this update is that it comes with a bunch of bug fixes that take care of various issues which caused Facebook Lite to lag. Luckily, the app will now run smoothly after installing the latest update.

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