A New Set of iPhone XI Renders Just Leaked

The internet rumor machine js always hard at work, and the iPhone XI is one of its favorite subjects.

The world was shocked when a leaked render showcased a device with a giant camera bump on the upper-left side of the device. Some hoped that they were fake, but the latest set of leaked renders reinforces the previous design.

The sheer size of the bump is quite impressive as it appears to be the largest one to be seen on a smartphone, but is unlikely that Apple will be proud of such an ‘’achievement’’. If this is going to be the real design of the upcoming device some controversies will appear on the internet.

Fans who love to take photos with the device will love the fact that they get an upgraded camera setup, even if some of the classic Apple styles has been sacrificed on the altar of progress. Those who favor the clean looks of the iconic device will clamor after the good old days when it served as a flawless fashion accessory.

Within the bump, we can find a triple camera setup accompanied by a LED flash and a microphone hole. One interesting detail is represented by the fact that the entire rear area of the device is covered in a single sheet of glass.

On the front, we can see a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, on par with the size of the ones present on the iPhone X and the iPhone XS. The source who leaked the images claims that the bezels will be a little simmer when the final version is released. The shape of the mute button has been visibly altered, and it looks quite similar to the ones found on the early iPad models.

Sadly, there is no trace of the anticipated USB-C connector, which may infer that Apple has decided to stick with Lightning for one last time before making the switch to the popular standard.

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