Nintendo Switch Mini Would Be Unveiled At E3 2019, In June

According to a source cited by Bloomberg, Nintendo Switch will launch a new, affordable variant by the end of June, this year, dubbed as Nintendo Switch Mini. The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, also announced that Nintendo would unveil in 2019 a decreased, cheaper version of Switch system. The new disclosure makes it the second time rumors about an upcoming less expensive Nintendo Switch model would be released.

The announcement also specified a second new Nintendo Switch version, which will apparently have updated features and will target avid players, but the model, however, won’t pair with PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X.

In the meantime, Bloomberg’s sources are implying that the present Switch version will get a ‘modest upgrade’ in 2019, however, the result of the enhancement is not yet clear, and the more powerful and significant Switch system is not being developed at the moment, at least not yet.

Nintendo Switch Mini version would be unveiled at E3 2019, in June

The reports in the Wall Street Journal implied that the new, cheaper Switch model, called Nintendo Switch Mini, would disperse some features like controller vibration to cut out the costs, but Bloomberg’s report had nothing on that.

This week could be a significant week for Nintendo news for the company is going to have its next earnings report on April 25, and it could be then that Nintendo will confirm its working on the new models. However, it might not happen as well, so all we have to do is wait a bit to find out the truth.
More details about the rumors that Nintendo is launching the Switch in China, helped by Tencent could, however, be brought up during the company’s earnings report this week.

The new Nintendo Switch Mini, plus the upgraded variant of Nintendo’s console, might be unveiled at E3 2019. It would come as no surprise if the Switch will get a hardware improvement. In the past, Nintendo, also Microsoft and Sony have all released hardware revisions, as time passes.

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