Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update Arrives Today with New Bug Fixes

The developers of Facebook know that their social media app is considered as an “essential” tool for everyone who uses a smartphone and this is why they have created Facebook Lite. This is a lightweight version of Facebook and it has been designed to run on entry-level smartphones that do not benefit from powerful hardware specs which can run the original version of Facebook without any issues. The great thing about Facebook Lite is the fact that it doesn’t come alone, it is bundled with the Messenger app which has also been optimized to require lesser hardware power and mobile data in order to run.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Just like the original version of Messenger, the Lite edition makes it easier for users to communicate with each other. However, there is something that makes Messenger Lite special and that is that this lightweight version weighs in at only 10MB and that its software has been optimized to load chat history without using lots of mobile data in the process.

Nonetheless, Messenger Lite benefits from the same full-fledged developer support as the original app which means that it receives weekly updates. These updates might not always introduce new features, but they are always a high priority update because they come with important bug fixes and software tweaks.

New Beta Update

Since we are talking about Messenger Lite updates, we need to mention that a new one has arrived today. The new update sports the version number and it can currently only be installed by beta testers. On the bright side of things, becoming a beta tester for Messenger Lite is rather simple and everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone can do it in only a couple of minutes. Moreover, the new update focuses on improving the software stability of Messenger Lite and it does this by introducing bug fixes.

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