Google Play Services 16.8.01 Beta with Software Improvements for the User Experience is Now Available to Download

There are lots of fun apps that help the Android operating system offer a premium user experience, but they all pale in comparison with Google Play Services. For those who are unfamiliar with Google Play Services, they should know that this is a background app which takes care of lots of high-priority tasks such as automatically updating apps and games, synchronizing contacts and dealing with user privacy settings among others.

Considering the fact that Google Play Services is such an important component in the Android operating system, then no one should be shocked to find out that Google is updating this background app nearly every day. The reason why the Android parent is rolling out so many updates to Google Play Services is because it wants to make sure that it’s always running at peak performance levels and in fact, a brand-new update has arrived today.

Google Play Services 16.8.01 Beta

The latest update that Google Play Services has received sports the 16.8.01 version number and it is currently being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels to all Android beta testers. Everyone can become a beta tester for Google if they own a high-end Android powered smartphone, but they also have to deal with annoying bugs and glitches.

This is why there is also the alternative solution of downloading the new update for Google Play Services in the form of APK and manually installing it on the smartphone. Nonetheless, let’s see which are the software changes that the new update makes.

Software Improvements

Since Google Play Services is a background app, the new update doesn’t come with any visual changes such as tweaks to the UI (user interface) or new animations for example. However, the update does come with under the hood software tweaks that improve the performances of Google Play Services, thus making the Android user experience even better.

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