Crypto Market Ads Is Democratizing The Crypto And Blockchain Marketing/Advertising Industry Via An Innovative Marketplace

The advertising and marketing industry has embraced the new wave of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, and instead of opposing the colossal innovation, it’s riding the wave.

On the other hand, just like any other industry, this is also plagued by various issues which are imminent, especially in the case of such a niche which is developing at blazing speeds. The pregnant problems include the following:

  • the banning of crypto ads (the digital assets and the underlying tech – the blockchain – are still suffering from a lack of trust)
  • crypto advertising is an expensive business
  • the crypto marketing is overprices
  • it’s still hard to find trustworthy influencers
  • there are a lot of scams, and the industry is suffering from the lack of escrow protection

These are just a few of the most critical issues that the crypto/blockchain marketing and advertising sector has to deal with.

But there’s a new solution on the horizon, working really hard to revolutionize it all: Crypto Market Ads.

Crypto Market Ads, to disrupt the industry

Crypto Market Ads has been working intensively in order to develop an innovative marketplace which has the ability to take care of all the issues mentioned above.

The main goal of the project will be to solve these problems on the spot, while at the same time connecting publishers and advertisers in the industry on an exclusive platform that can fit their complete palette of needs.

Publishers can benefit from this project for free, and such a market environment will allow high competition which, in exchange, will lead to competitive and more affordable prices.

Crypto Market Ads plans to revolutionize the ways in which vendors offer products and services, and they will be doing this via the creation of a massive P2P global ecosystem.

ICO for the marketplace

There’s also an ICO for the marketplace that will make sure all stakeholders benefits from success, and early adopters as well.

The very first 999 people who will contribute with a minimum of 3 ETH in the Private Sale will be able to enjoy a lifetime 0% fees on the marketplace and also a Founder badge.

Main offerings and benefits of Crypto Market Ads

  • Interactive tools such as a decentralized visual marketplace builder
  • Promoting and offering marketing services
  • Providing consultancy services
  • Buying and selling services related to crypto and the blockchain tech

All enthusiasts in this sector will be able to hop in the wagon of innovation offered by Crypto Market Ads.

All service providers will be located in a single place, and the market prices will finally become more competition and therefore more affordable. Eventually, all the partiers who are involved will be able to enjoy the generation of value.

The market size is already a considerable one (of about $5 billion) but considering just how fast it’s growing, it’s expected to reach somewhere around $54 billion in the next couple of years.

Closing words

Crypto Market Ads created a versatile marketplace which will revolutionize this advertising and marketing industry, and that will bring together advertisers and publishers while solving the stringent issues of the sector.

Their solution will also allow all parties involved to enjoy full autonomy, eliminating the need of having to rely on larger and more demanding companies.

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