Viber Update Improves Free Group Calls and Brings Dark Mode

Viber was one of the first apps in the world to make it possible for users to place free audio calls via the internet. This is why Viber is now used by millions of people and why the app benefits from full-fledged support. This means that Viber has a big team of developers behind it who are always coming up with new ways to improve the communication features that the app has to offer, while also enhancing its software performances at the same time.

Viber Update

Viber fans should be pleased to know that the app has recently received a new update. The new update sports the version number and it comes with lots of cool features that Viber fans have been asking for a long time. Therefore, the new release for Viber is a high priority download and we are advising all fans of the app to download it as soon as possible.

Dark Mode

The first feature that Viber’s latest update introduces is a brand-new Dark Mode. This mode equips Viber with a sleek dark theme that makes the UI (user interface) look better. Not just that, but the Dark Mode also lowers the overall amount of battery charge that Viber needs in order to run.

Improved Free Group Voice Calls

Even though the Dark Mode might be a cool feature, this is not the best feature that the new update brings. The feature that makes the new Viber release stand out the most is the fact that it raises the number of participants in free group voice calls up to five. To make things even better, a new button has been introduced inside the “phone icon” which makes free group calls easier to access by users.

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