Fortnite v8.50 – Fixes For Known Issues And More

Fortnite is the most popular online game, but it still has to deal with all kinds of bugs and glitches. These issues usually appear in games which are regularly updated.

The good thing is that developers who are in charge of updating the game are making sure to remove the problems via new updates.

Here are the most important changes that enthusiasts should expect with the new Fortnite v8.50 patch.

The developers have not announced yet which will be the most important changes that the update will bring.

The Fortnite community forum, on the other hand, has been addressing the issue and developers are definitely showing their increased interest towards repairing some known bugs.

Addressing the trap placement glitch

You’re probably aware of the annoying issue with the trap placing in Fortnite that makes spikes pop up in the middle tile of walls instead of the zone that’s selected by the user.

Fortunately, the developer “MrPopo TFS” has announced that it will be taken care of.

Ghost audio glitch issue

There have been a lot of reports showing that there’s a ghost audio glitch issue that makes a sound as if someone is firing sniper shots close by. The same developer that we mentioned above promised that this issue will get fixed with the latest update for the game.

This is excellent news because otherwise, the audio glitch could cause losing games.

Weapon Pickup Changes

A post made by the developers on the Fortnite community forum reveals that the weapon pickup system is going to be changed.

“Weapon pickup is now on the release of the Use button, rather than on the initial press.”

Not too long ago, Fortnite was in the spotlight after we reported that we were witnessing the return of one of the best old-school Fortnite challenges, a two-stage Treasure Map quest.

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