WhatsApp Beta 2.19.110 Comes With New Changes and Bug Fixes

With the development of new smartphones all the time, WhatsApp is still standing on top of the chat apps, and it keeps growing. Of course, users have a lot of alternative for chatting apps, but WhatsApp has managed to seize the market with the free, secure messaging platform, and with the new features that are continuously added. The application will keep growing as the company will add a lot of new features. So speaking of features, let’s see what changes is bringing WhatsApp Beta. We are talking only about them now because the features aren’t available for now.

The Latest WhatsApp Beta

This update will come by the version number 2.19.110, and it includes improvements to the new Doodle UI interface. You are using a lot of emoji right now, but in the Beta version, these emoji are much different. The entire WhatsApp interface is using the same emoji; they are original and inspired on iOS’ emoji. But this will change, and the emoji won’t be like we are used to seeing them.

Moreover, the animated stickers have made their way into the chat app, and you have used them for sure. The stickers were introduced recently to the app and were significantly received by the users. You have all kind of pack for stickers waiting to be downloaded. You have first seen the stickers in the Facebook Messenger app. Starting from now, this set will come to WhatsApp as well, especially if Facebook is trying to merge WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram messages.

Finally, some of the new features aren’t implemented for now, because WhatsApp is still working on the latest beta build. But they exist and are a work in progress, so soon it will be rolled out to WhatsApp user from all over the world.

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