iOS 13 Rumors Hint To Many New Features And Improvements In Apple’s Upcoming Mobile OS

Apple is currently working on a new version of its popular OS, and select sources claim that the upcoming iOS 13 will pack a selection of exciting features.

A new report claims that iOS 13 will be a significant update, unlike the previous version which focused on improving performance and system stability. Below you can find some of the new features which should make an appearance when the update is released.

iOS 13 would come with many new features and exciting improvements

Support for multiple support

iPad owners will be happy to learn that iOS 13 will support the use of multiple windows within a single app. A large focused is placed on improved multitasking, and it looks like users will have the option to convert these windows into stackable cards. When they are no longer needed, you can fling them to the corner of the screen, and they will disappear.

A revamped Home screen

This is a bare-bones rumor since nobody knows how the revamped Home screen will look like. If it real, it should be available for both iPhones and iPads.

A better Files app in iOS 13

Some may like the Files app, but it can be argued that there is always room for improvement. A refresh and a few extra features have to potential to enhance the experience for productivity tasks.

New gestures

It is likely that Apple will introduce a new undo gesture for text input, allowing users to easily correct or redo an action. It is thought that a three-finger gesture could be used in iOS 13, too, but that remains to be seen.

Stealthy volume UI

Many users complain that the volume UI is too intrusive and it should be changed. A more discrete interface could be offered instead.

iOS 13 to sport a smarter Mail app

The Mai app will get some new feature; one of them is the ability to split emails into several categories like purchases, travel, essential and marketing messages.

Specific analysts believe that a new framework could be introduced in iOS 13 and future macOS, allowing developers to create cross-platform apps for macOS and iOS.

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