Facebook Lite Beta Update with Software Improvements to Reliability is Now Available for Download

What’s great about smartphones is the fact that tech companies are launching hundreds every year. This means that people get to choose between lots of smartphones and pick the one that fits their needs the most. The smartphones that are selling the best are the entry-level ones which are equipped with average specs that are designed to be reliable. On the downside of things, entry-level smartphones usually have problems when it comes to running premium apps that are considered “must haves” such as Facebook for example.

The problem with Facebook is that this social media app takes up lots of internal storage space and that it’s infamous for draining smartphones of their battery power and mobile data. Luckily, there is an alternative and it is called Facebook Lite. Just as the app’s name implies, this is a lightweight version of Facebook that delivers the same premium user experience and powerful chatting performances.

Facebook Lite Beta

Even though this is a lightweight app, this doesn’t mean that Facebook Lite is not a premium app. In fact, Facebook Lite benefits from the same full-fledged developer support as the original app does. This means that Facebook Lite is updated on a regular basis and the latest update has arrived today (April 19th).

The new update sports the Beta number and what makes it stand out is the fact that it is aimed at improving the reliability and speed of Facebook Lite. Therefore, the new update contains a bunch of software tweaks that bring “under the hood” changes to the app and make it run faster than usual. To top it all off, the new update is also equipped with bug fixes that take care of known issues which can cause Facebook Lite to lag at times.

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