New Facebook Lite Beta Update Brings Improvements to Speed and Reliability

Even though some might say that the biggest benefit that Facebook Lite brings is the fact that it gives users of low-end smartphones access to the plethora of feature that Facebook and its chatting app have to offer, we would have to disagree. The best thing about using Facebook Lite instead of the original app is the fact that the app is updated every single day.

Facebook Lite has been optimized to run on minimum hardware specs and mobile data and therefore, the developers are constantly tweaking out the software to make sure that it runs at peak performance levels.

New Facebook Lite Update

Since Facebook Lite receives a new update every day, then it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the app’s version number has just been changed to beta thanks to a new update. As we can clearly see in the update’s version number, this update is available only for beta testers. Luckily, becoming a beta tester for Facebook Lite is not complicated at all and everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone can do it.

Improvements for Speed

The new update doesn’t come with any new features or flashy UI (user interface) changes and animations. However, the update makes up for the lack of features by introducing a bunch of high-priority software tweaks that have been solely designed to improve the overall speed and reliability of Facebook Lite.

This means that Facebook Lite beta testers who install the new update will find out that the social media app runs faster than usual. Not just that, but since the reliability of the app has also been enhanced, the chances for Facebook Lite to randomly crash while checking out the newsfeed or simply chatting are greatly reduced.

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