Google Play Store Has Now a Budget Manager

If you don’t know yet, Google has secretly added a new feature to its Play Store. This new feature will allow you to set and manage your budget for all the premium apps, movies, games, books, and other in-app purchases. This new feature will not impose you any limit on your spending. That will help you to keep an eye on how much you will spend on the items within the app store.

How Can You Set The Google Play Store Budget Manager?

If you want to set a budget, open the Play Store app on your Android phone, and go to Menu -> Account -> and stop at the Purchase History. Then tap on “Select the budget” and “Save.”

In this option, you can assign what limit do you want to your budget. With this new feature, you will receive a notification that will inform you when you are close to reaching the amount set or if you overcome the set budget. If you want to see how much you have spent without waiting for the notification, go to Menu- Account- Purchase History.

The company says that the budget you set will be in the currency of your current Google Play country profile and that the feature is working only on the Play Store app on the mobile devices.
However, you still have the option to change or even remove your set budget.

You can also remove Google Play Store Budget Manager

For doing that you will go to Menu -> Account -> Purchase History -> Edit budget -> Save. Also, for removing it go to Menu -> Account -> Purchase History -> Remove budget.

A plus is a fact that you can review all your spending in the same section. Unfortunately, the features are not available for everyone just yet, and at this moment it’s coming in the Google Play Store in stages.

Also, an option available on Google’s budget set is Google’s Family Link that is added for family managers within a group. In that way, parents can review, approve or deny member’s Play Store spending, especially for children that could buy all kind of apps.

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